Airdrop: 1000 USDC. Hashtagger Applicant Demo for BNBchain MVB

3 min readApr 14, 2022


Join to participate in this and other airdrops and show support for fair airdrops.

Hashtagger has been slowly and steadily building up an amazing community of people that help crypto companies gain traction and receive rewards in return. Join now to find fair and transparent airdrops. You can begin with starting in the airdrop going on right now by logging in through your Twitter id. The detailed instructions are provided below.

This is a multi-tier Airdrop test campaign for’s MOOO token — Each participation gives you a chance to win rewards as well as holding MOOO tokens in your wallet or having staked them multiplies your chances of winning as per the following table.

Participation link: .

Log in with your twitter id and complete the tasks. Detailed instructions below.

The rewards here are chosen by a weighted randomization process done among the participants. In this campaign, if you hold MOOO in your wallet, or if you have staked it in then your chances of winning are increased. The multiples for this test are as follows:

Date: 14Apr 2022 10.00 AM UTC–28 Apr. 2022 11.59 PM UTC

Total: 1000 USDC

800 additional prizes: 1.25 USDCs (Total 1000USDC)

(The distribution and final results for this will be done within 3 working days after the end of the campaign. )

Here’s how you participate:

For participation, go to the Hashtagger website and participate in the campaign. Instructions are in the video below:

Detailed text instructions:

To participate, do the following:

  1. Go to our website:
  2. Login through your twitter account.

3. Participate in the pre-launch listed campaign.

4. Tweet and submit according to the conditions given in the campaign. (For the core campaign, you’ll also need to have a telegram account and join our channels. Not so for the airdrop campaign)

You’ll need to connect to a BSC compatible wallet for this campaign. We recommend Metamask.

(For the core campaign, you’ll also need to connect with Telegram account, in addition to the above steps)

For doubts regarding any of the steps, see the video above or talk with us on Telegram.

Is there any eligibility criteria?

In order to avoid spam for the campaigns, we have kept a minimum eligibility criteria that

For an airdrop campaign, the requirements are a bit easier: an account must be >30 days old and should have >10 followers, have made >30 tweets in order to participate and have a profile’s picture.

What is the referral reward?

You get an additional reward for every person you refer and if both of you participate in the campaign, this reward is proportional to the referred performance.

For any questions, feel free to talk with us on the Telegram. :)



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