Airdrop rewards- Unus Dao : Defi 2.0 + GameFi platform with real asset backing

Structure of this article:

section 1: Details about Unus Dao in the next section. Feel free to reach out to us at the Telegram channel: to ask more questions.

Section 1- Unus Dao:

Gaming and entertainment are the intrinsic need of human beings. Unus DAO believes that the play-to-earn experience in DeFi world can be more rewarding, enjoyable and sustainable.

Section 2- Campaign participation details:

For this announcement, we have a reward program which you can participate in through the links below:

Here’s how you participate:

For participation, go to the Hashtagger website and participate in the campaign. Instructions are in the video below:

  1. Go to our website:
  2. Login through your twitter account.

Contact details for Unus Dao:




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