Hashtagger’s next phase: FAIRDROPS! The airdrops that are provably fair.

  1. Fairdrops: the provably fair airdrops.
  2. Smoother onboarding system for any company that wants to do an airdrop on Hashtagger.
  3. Changes in the Hashtagger team.

1. Fairdrops

You’ve probably seen many blockchain related airdrops that promise big rewards, including high-end cars etc. to the participants of an airdrop.

Airdrops that are provably fair

2. Smoother onboarding for all

You’ll now see a new card, that’s meant for the blockchain companies that want to do campaigns on Hashtagger.com.

3. Changes in the Hashtagger team

With the above two changes, Hashtagger will be focusing on helping more people and projects conduct their airdrops in a fair manner.



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