Hashtagger’s third test campaign results (2 million plus views! 150,000+ engagements! 74 countries!)

We recently finished our third public test run and got a tremendous response. In this campaigns, where people of 74 countries participated, we got 150,000+ engagements and 2.7 million+ views for the campaign!

During the same time DuckDao received 3.55 million impressions for their Twitter profile which was 407% growth as shown in the screenshot above- a boost provided by Hashtagger’s technology and community. This also resulted in 13,000+ followers in that period of time!

And all of these figures were achieved while maintaining industry pioneering standards in Sybil attack resistance technology against bots and fake engagement which is quickly becoming an in demand technology leading to wider trust among our partners, clients and legitimate participants in the community.

It is amazing how far Hashtagger community has come within just three test campaigns. All that before we have even launched our token!

We will keep updating you with our details regarding the next campaigns and the upcoming launch. Thanks for all the ♥️



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