Join Hashtagger’s first public test campaign! From 20–30 July (Reward: 5000 USDC)

How can you earn rewards?

We’re running a public test for Hashtagger: a platform that allows you to earn free cryptocurrency for tweeting.

For the first public test, we’ve a reward pool of 5000 USDC. Instructions are as follows:

TLDR;1 minute intro video

Detailed text instructions:

To participate, do the following:

  1. Go to our website:
  2. Login through your twitter account.

3. You’ll see the current leaderboard. Go to the campaigns through the button in the menu bar.

4. Participate in the campaign.

5. Tweet and submit according to the conditions given in the campaign. For this campaign you can submit up to 7 tweets.

Is there any eligibility criteria?

In order to avoid spam for the tests, we have kept a minimum eligibility criteria that an account must be >30 days old and should have >30 followers and should have made >30 tweets in order to participate.

What happens if something is not working or if the website acts weirdly?

This is an Alpha Test version for the public. We’re basically stress testing the systems and we expect things to go wonky. During the test, things may break or wobble. For any issues, questions or suggestions (we’ll love to hear your thoughts about the platform), come talk to us in our Telegram channel. Links are given at the end.

How will the rewards be calculated?

During the campaign period, your tweet’s like, retweets etc. will be automatically calculated by Hashtagger to give each tweet a net engagement score.

If your net engagement score is x% of the total campaign’s engagement score, then your reward will be proportional to x% of the total campaign’s rewards of 5000 USDC.

Bonus: There will be one extra set of rewards which we’ll only be declaring on Twitter. So do follow us there.

Rewards will be distributed in which chain?

Binance Smart Chain. Your metamask wallet should be compatible to it. Feel free to chat with us in the Telegram if you have any doubts. Telegram link at the end of the article.

Can I submit multiple tweets?

Yes. Over the 10 days of the campaign you can submit up to seven tweets.

Where can I learn more about the campaign for creating better tweets?

Check out the Mega FAQ article on our Medium, or come talk to us on Telegram/Twitter. All links are provided at the end of this article.

Will there be any referral rewards?

Yes. There will be referral rewards.
You can invite other people through your referral link and you will get a 10% share of their engagement in the pool as a bonus.

Can I tweet in languages other than English?

In fact, we‘ll love it if you to do so.
As long as you include the given hashtag and the url (which will both be in English) the remaining message can be in any language of your choice. Decentralized Marketing is inclusive for all languages!

What’s the date and time for the public test campaign?

From: 20th July, 0900 UTC time. To: 30th July, 0900 UTC time.

Let’s talk!

For any questions you may have, any bug report, any feedback, or just casual chat, these are our channels:

1 minute video about Hashtagger:

Mega FAQ about Hashtagger:






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