What is ‘Decentralized Marketing’ and why Blockchain companies love it?

4 min readMay 21, 2021


Community marketing, as seen in the example of GameStop and Wallstreet Bets.
What can a decentralized community do?

Imagine this: Suppose you run a blockchain-based company. What will be the activity that will consume a lot (if not most) of your time, that you know is very important, but will still give you considerable trouble regarding any attempt to measure the outcome.

If you’re actually involved with a blockchain company then most likely you would have immediately thought of one word: Marketing!

And that’s because marketing in the blockchain ecosystem is pretty tricky. Advertising to non-blockchain people is hard because they need to go through a huge learning curve (beginning from ‘what is blockchain?’) before they can even start considering using a blockchain product. In fact, more than the issue of learning, there is an issue of trust. They know too little to properly evaluate and trust your offering.

Advertising to blockchain people is hard because the question is always ‘how to reach out to them meaningfully’? If you’re an established company, you probably already have people following your messaging in your telegram channels and Twitter account, and the number has likely stabilized somewhat after a certain period of time. If you’re a new company then you’re looking to gain a community and wondering where to begin.

In both instances, you are looking for very specific kind of people to advertise to and you wish there was a clear channel that allowed you to do just that while allowing you to close the knowledge and the trust gap.

You can’t personally go and talk to all the potential users out there- that would’ve helped in closing the knowledge and the trust gap. People prefer to talk to people, after all. But as an individual or a small team, there are only so many people you can find and directly reach out to.

Instead, if at all possible, you’d probably prefer to hire a lot of knowledgeable people who would learn about your product, get into the finer nuances to know exactly what makes it great, and then evangelise it to other people.
Sounds great? But, you may ask, where one might find such people? And will not hiring and managing such people be too expensive?

Enter Hashtagger.

In our own long experience of Blockchain marketing, we learned that marketing for a good product (or an event) done by a knowledgeable community is an incredible combination to have.

One of the most popular instances of a community getting behind an investment has been pretty mainstream and you’ve probably already heard of it: Gamestop and r/wallstreetbets community

In the crypto sphere, there are of course many more instances of how a community’s activities have elevated a coin. Here are the number of tweets produced by Ethereum and Bitcoin.

1 year chart of number of tweets for Bitcoin and Ethereum
source: https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/tweets-btc-eth.html#1y

Millions of tweets being produced by their community members to spread awareness about their favorite coins.

Now let’s add another coin to this which is a community favorite: Dogecoin!

1 year chart of number of tweets for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.
source: https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/tweets-btc-eth-doge.html#1y

Suddenly, we find the impressive number of tweets by Bitcoin and Ethereum community dwarf in front of the tweets made by the Dogecoin community. In fact, it reminds one of the famous meme in the crypto community:

The meme of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

But humour apart, the results for the community effort are pretty apparent in the way the coin has had great adoption, despite essentially being a simple clone of bitcoin with no major use case. The evidence is there for one to see: Community evangelism matters.

And that’s what Hashtagger helps you with.

Through its platform and community, you can either acquire or revitalize your community and reward them for doing a targeted evangelism campaign, and get detailed results for the measurable outcome.

If you’re one of the following:

  • An existing crypto project that would like to engage its community or revitalize it, or
  • A new project looking to gain a community

Then join our platform, or reach out to us and we will be happy to walk you through the process and how Hashtagger can help you.

Our channels are:

Website: Hashtagger

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